Performing Arts Platform
Restatge - 200K Entrepreneurship Challenge Contest, Stern NYU

Project Overview
New York City is a dream land of performing arts. Restage is a start-up concept for performing art market, aimed to help users find performing arts easily and help individual performing artist promote themselves efficiently.

Role: UX/UI Designer, Prototyper
Platform: Sketch, Photoshop
Collaborators: Stream Gao, Lesile Ruckman

Individual Contribution
• UX/UI design & prototypes
• Business strategy consulting
• Pitching

"How can we find good performances in NYC?”

There is no quick answers to this question, which raised our interest to dig more into why.

Market is Huge

There is no efficient way of promoting your performing arts if you are artists. These are all traditional ways of contacting audience, while these are not well updating news.

Providing a free platform for audience getting news from individual performing arts groups, rating and reviews for audience. Also a tool for artists organize works and promote in multiple channels.