05/2015 - 08/2015

Consumer Products Website Redesign



What is Huawei Consumer Website?

Huawei Consumer Website is responsible for introducing and promoting Huawei products, offering products details, support and latest news. Officially, this is the front-gate of viewing and knowing all Huawei digital products, and also the place of finding product specs, details, features, softwares and contacting support.

Target User

Even all users could become consumers someday, our main user groups could be divided into two parts, products holder and potential buyer. Their requirements and expectation vary lightly different because the browsing purpose.


The goal of this project was to better propagate Huawei's branding by refining consumer website user experience. After took over business strategy insights and research, we set up four goals for this website's user experience.


Small team and limited scope: as a consulting project, only have time focused on the phase of transfer business insight into design, left the follow-up phases like UI design and user testing.
Three parties of communicating: as project involved Huawei, Accenture and iSobar, the communicating among each stakeholders is a challenge.

Previous Consumer Website

My Role & Team

Accenture Interactive was cooperating with Huawei Website Department and iSobar Creative Agency.

My Role: I played of User Experience Consultant from Accenture, where I designed low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes, analyzed user pain points and journey, presented research report to stakeholders and built better experience for website.

Team: I worked on a cross functional team of one project manager, two digital strategists, two UI designers from iSobar. 


Internal Interviews

The most primary thing we did was understanding current system by collecting internal thoughts. We led an internal stakeholders interviews among Huawei's main departments from different perspectives, as each department is depending specific parts of the consumer products website for their specific business requirements.

Information Architecture Strategy

Previously, consumer website was taking the burdens of promoting, product features, online shopping, software and supporting, while after analysis, strategy changed to make consumer website only takes the responsibilities of all products related information.

Product Requirements

Based on previous 2 months discussion and meetings about the position of Huawei Consumer Website, our team break down our goals into four major points of requirements for this project.

- Home page layout be flexible for new products releasing and Huawei events.
- Product Detail Page express clear and exquisite features.
- Support page be easier for users get the exact help they needed.
- Enough spots for marketing and ads streaming in the home page.

Site Navigation
In order to better understand the requirements, I did a site pages navigation analysisi.


Home Page Layout

Home page in this website is crucial because it takes the functions as multiple channel entries. it takes the responsibilities of featured products, events, offering entries for almost all functional call-to-actions, stores locations, interacting social media channels, and latest news about consumer products.

- Links to feature products pages.
- Links to events, featured topics.
- Promoting link of marketing channel.
- Searching for nearest stores. 

Support Page

Then we found the current system had one problem in information architecture. Supporting page was under each product's detail page, which makes it not easily discoverable for users.

Understanding User's Expectation

The first thing we did is to figure out the basic user stories in order to check the current system's flows. By considering the user's task driven scenarios, we find the eight situations that Huawei's consumers love to do most.

User Stories

Better Supporting Experience

I did sketches to figure out which information should Huawei provide users at their most needed time.

Then we did designs for other related supporting pages by requirements priorities. It includes supporting detail page, support home page, repairing page, user device center page.

Final Designs

I was stopped before the final UI Designs, but I am happy to see my designs were mostly implemented. 


Project Released

Since it is a consulting project, the scope is limited to business analysis and consulting, I am not able to follow this project till the end. However, new website was released around Nov, 2015, which mostly follow our consulting suggestions till now.


Take Aways

- Communication skills among different stakeholders.
- Solid and multiple iterating solutions.
- More consideration about information architecture.

Zara Zhang, Arca Wang, Javen Yang
isobar UI Design team
Huawei Digital Website Department
All Copyrights Huawei & Accenture Reserved