International Chamber Orchestra of America Branding

Project Overview
International Chamber Orchestra of America is a young organization in New York, aimed at propagation the beauty of classical music with new format. I was luckily invited to do the branding of this passionate group.

Role: Graphic Designer, Experience Consultant
Platform: Illustrator

Visual Identity
Classical music is smooth and fluent, and also as ICOA's vision, bring new format for classical music, I designed this logo.

Brochure Design
The most challenging part of this work is to design a brochure for ICOA. First I made some sketches helping me thinking about the layouts of the brochure. The main principle is to keep each foldable pages unique and clear.

Designs Screenshots
After transiting all the sketches into the screen based designs, many details have been modified, but thanks to understanding, the main style of brochure is kept the way it is.

The printed version of brochure: