Beat Boxing

Sonification and visualization of boxing

Role: Designer, Programmer
Platform: Arduino, MAX/MSP, Supercollider, DMX Light
Language: C, Node.js

Project Overview

Got inspired by some indeed delicate connections between boxing and music, they're both following the rhythm, both with passion, have patterns and combos, crescendo and plain parts. In this physical computing project, we were exploring how to interact with boxing in a visual and audio scenario. Specifically, we try to visualize and sonificate the boxing gestures. Every jab, hook, uppercut the user was trying to make will generate the beats and visual effect accordingly and differently.

Design Process

After discuss and designing, our main data receiver is the accelerometer and 9-DOF Gyrometer, connecting with laptop running by node.js through Bluetooth. Using the data to define gestures by classification (not using machine learning).

First Attempt Result

The first version is using javascript and supercollider, try to project the effects in the enviroment.

Second Attempt

Then we tried another version, we used DMX light with MAX/MSP for controlling the accelerometer data.

2015 ITP Winter Show

We present this project at ITP winter show, get some valuable feedbacks and thoughts.

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