I’m Yuchi, a Senior Product Designer.

I question the status quo and envision the future. I research user problems and design digital products.

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“Find” product(s) at wayfair.com

Wayfair offers millions of home products. Finding the right one(s) that resonates with user can be an overwhelming experience. As a product designer focusing in the upper shopping funnel, I learned how users browse, filter and search by conducting various usability tests, data analysis and A/B tests. And I transferred user/business insights into designs that are thoughtful, elegant and easy-to-use.
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Longplay, a Google  transcription & annotation tool

High-quality audio data is important for building up the Google’s AI services. However, transcribing audio is time-consuming and the available tools are not handy enough to annotate various of linguistic data. I participated in this Google internal project, Longplay, as the only designer, creating a new experience of transcribing and annotating dialogue data.

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Mobile Avatar, personal data visualized as “persons”.

Smartphone “knows" a lot about us because of the data behind. However, how can we utilize our personal data? I started my thesis project, Mobile Avatar, with this question deeply in mind. The concept is to create a new experience that could transform our personal mobility data into unique "avatars" that could reflect, socialize, and live with us.
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